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A chat with Gracie Abrams

Gracie Abrams has been on our radar since her debut release 'Mean it' and since then she continues to enchant us with her relatable lyrics and unique voice. We got to talk to the 22-year old songwriter about her recent release 'Feels Like' as well as her songwriter and why she does what she does.

"Writing is why I do what I do - it is the vulnerability and writing that makes me feel like I can do this." Abrams says, "I love to sing cause I feel like I'm telling the truth".

Abrams lyrics are the utmost truth - she explores growing up, being in your early twenties, love, heartbreak - there is a song for everyone. Her recent release 'Feels Like' is the epitome of a love song with lyrics like "met you at the right time/ this is what it feels like" we can't help but smile as we all want to know what that feels like - when the timing is right and things the way we wanted. Its nostalgic, heart warming and bittersweet all in a single song.

Abrams said "The way I write songs is the same way I journal." She says that if she is living through anything - thats what will come out in her music and in turn she wants to exist while its till relevant to her. She goes on to say as sensitive as she is, she has gentle people on the other end listening so its easier to be vulnerable.

We are grateful to have such an honest and well spoken singer/songwriter writing music that says what we could never put to words ourselves. To be able to express herself in a way that is relatable to so many people is such a gift and we can't wait to see where it takes her. Catch her on her North America tour in the Spring - psst she is coming to Los Angeles March 4th for all our LA friends - who wants to go? ;)

Stream 'Feels Like' HERE

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