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An Interview with Bella Renee

Bella Renee is an Indie Electronic Pop artist that is definitely one to watch! She took over our IG stories last week giving us a peak into her life and today, we got to ask her some questions and it went a little something like this...

How did you get your start in music? I grew up with a dad that was in a rock band and I mean he is an absolutely incredible musician and an even better dad. I used to go to his shows with him so that was a HUGE influence on who I am today. I got my start by never quitting and always playing the small gigs.

What role does music play in your life? It’s funny you ask that because it doesn’t play a role in my life, it is exactly what every single day, every moment, is made up of for me. Every fiber of my being, who I am, what I stand for, what I do, who I meet, who I connect with, it all surrounds around music. I really can’t imagine who I’d be without this life. Tell us the story behind your new single ‘Call Me Back’! Call me back is a story from an old high school sweetheart turned to long distance relationship I had that ended because I had bigger dreams than that person was capable of handling. And after we broke up I sort of realized that me being too much is a good thing! My dreams are big and I’m owning that now. It’s the end of that era that felt like the end of the world, but it actually was the beginning of it all. What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday? Had you asked me this before a global pandemic I think I’d have some great answers for you lol. But you know I really love to go to the gym with my boyfriend, run at night, and I love to cook as well, now that I’m newly vegan there’s like so many recipes I’ve been making! What artists influence your sound? Lennon Stella for sure, as well as Lorde, girlinred, and Loote. What is one album that changed your life? I have two: Melodrama by Lorde and Bon Ivers 2011 self titled record as well. Both have significantly changed my life in so many ways. What’s up next for you I have a lot of original music that I’m planning to release this year that we worked super super hard on last year, I mean, ALOT. I think I was in the studio basically every single day last year! I’ve been collaborating with a bunch of huge names in the EDM industry so expect a lot of that happening very very soon! I also am looking forward to shows coming back at some point (hopefully this year) but I’m thankful for my music management team and everyone involved in my project right now. We’re really making so much progress and it’s an incredible feeling.

Follow Bella on IG and stream her new song Call Me Back HERE!

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