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[EP Review] Peter Wise - Too Blind to Hear

I think we can all agree adulthood is daunting. We stare it down in the mirror like a hair out of place, questioning where the time is going and how we can fix it. Peter Wise's new EP “Too Blind to Hear” explores just that. It’s, as he describes, “about letting go of adolescence and accepting adulthood – about making peace with where you’ve been and where you are now so you can move forward,”. This message really hit us as I think especially this year, it’s hard to think about growing up, when the future is uncertain. Peter said it perfectly – this year is “a time to look in the mirror and examine who is staring back at us and where that person fits in the world”.

The EP starts with a beautifully written song called ‘Fruits’ full of harmonic candy. Our personally favorite line – “I’ve been putting in the labor, but the fruits don’t seem to favor my touch”. Peter has a unique and compelling way of telling a story throughout his songs and adding in personal touches that make us all want to know more. The EP continues on with ‘Loeffler Lane’ bringing back all the feels of leaving a love and knowing you can never go back to the way it used to be. We love the descriptive imagery of Loeffler Lane. Its paints a perfect picture of suburbia and sometimes just wanting to get lost in such a place, where no one would question if you did get back with your ex. It’s a funny thought that we certainly found extremely witty and creative.

'To Blind to Hear' ends with our personal favorite ‘Last Night in Windham’ where he tells a descriptive story for our speakers to hear and it feels just too personable and enticing for us to want to end the EP here. We want more! Our favorite line – “What a life trying to outrun the sun. Might be time to meet the man you haven’t become”. We feel this is an ode to maturing and finding purpose in your life beyond your twenties. We all try to outrun adulthood in some way or another, whether out of fear or denial, but theres excitement in moving forward as well and becoming the person you were meant to be.

As always, thanks for reading and listening :)

Stream Peters new EP here and follow on Instagram

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