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Weekly Roundup

With 60,000 songs being added to Spotify daily and attentions spans sadly low, its hard to stand out as a musician in today's industry. As a musician myself, its actually terrifying in some ways - to know your just the 1 in 59,999 other songs. Well we want to change that narrative, and shine a light on those that stand out to us, regardless of rank/stream/follower count (you get the point).

Welcome to Weekly Roundup, where we tell you whats been on our repeats. Some may be old, some may be new, but thats the beauty of music - its timeless.

Here we go...

First we have 'Slow Dance' by Yoshi Flower. The beat, the vocals, the lyrics, its all such a vibe. This has been on my car playlist and I do play it more than once in a car ride. The chorus is melodic and paints such a beautiful picture of a couple slow dancing.

Yes, I know this is an older song, but considering I am seeing them on Sunday, its been on repeat. Also I had never heard it until recently. Its not their most popular song, but one of my now personal favorites. The lyrics really stood out to me - "Would you wander forever with me? And drive way up over Mt. Joy, Where everyone's free now to move how they feel now." Its make me think that maybe they are suggesting that Mt. Joy is possibly heaven? Thats how I think of it, as if they are saying they will be together till the end.

This song did it for me right off the bat - "isn't it romantic, you broke me the day after Valentine's" BEL is a lyrical genius throughout the song and the harmonies and melody just add to her immense talent. The electric guitar and rock flare throughout keeps you wanting to hear it on repeat. We were lucky enough to have her perform at our WFNM x Saturdays at Seven showcase and I can say, she is as good live.

If you know, you know - I've been a fan of Souly had since his SoundCloud days. So every time he drops a song, its usually on repeat. This song in particular though is so groovy and different. Its a must on any jazzy, hip hop playlist you have.

This song speaks for itself - its absolutely beautiful. The harmonies between these three are almost lullaby-like. If you or someone you know is going through a breakup or worse, considering getting back with their ex, this song is for you.

Lastly, we have 'Guillotine' by Mansionair and NoMBe. I heard this song playing from a speaker on the beach and you can say I had to shazam it. Its cool, edgy, something to put you in a mood to go out or just gain that confidence to strut into the office, a first date, or just down the street. Whatever the boost you need, this songs got it.

As always, thanks for listening :)

See ya this Saturday for our next House Show.

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