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[Editors Pick] Cool Girl - Maisyn

LA based artist Maisyn has graced us with the release of her new single Cool Girl. If you have been stuck in a Folklore/Evermore coma since the start of 2021 like I have, you’ll love the dreamy lyrics and raw emotion of this single. With influences ranging from Phoebe Bridergs to HAIM, Maisyn has created a perfect feeling of being apprehensive about falling for that special someone. She also does a great job of embodying independence and grace in her music video shot and directed by Kiersten Friesen, which you can and should check out here.

We are looking forward to more from Maisyn, who previously released music under the name Jessi Mason, this year. I think that her vocals and production fit perfectly into the up and coming pop landscape of 2021. You can find her on Spotify here and give her a follow on IG here!

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