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[Editors Pick] knuckle tattoo - girlhouse

Dirty electric guitars layered over a vocal that draws you in from the first lyric and a repetitiveness to the production in the intro really got us hooked – its oh so unique and makes you wonder what is coming next in the song ‘knuckle tattoo’. girlhouse has made a lane for herself, creating a genre all of her own. Its early 2000’s rock mixed with a bit of 90’s flare with subtle futuristic moments and it makes for great music.

I really love the lyrics – “somebody told me don’t trust a man that can dance with a knuckle tattoo.” When I first heard it, I bursted out laughing. I personally have never liked a man with a knuckle tattoo, but somehow I related to this instantly. We all have trusted someone that we shouldn’t who had parts to them that were questionable, aka in this context, a knuckle tattoo. It stands for all the red flags and we love the humor. With an addition to drums in the second verse, this song gets better and better as you listen. It’s the sweetest ear candy and I highly recommend you go listen. It’s on our ‘Top 20 Playlist’ on Spotify if you need some direction as to where to find it ;) Stream all her other songs HERE and follow on IG

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