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[EP Release] Teenage Lullabies - Cloe Wilder

Currently on repeat is Indie Pop artist Cloe Wilder's new EP 'Teenage Lullabies'. When asked about the EP, she described it as "a delicate daydream where friends, crushes, and more all meld together to create a soundtrack to today’s youth." With vocals beyond her years and lyrics that are really relatable, we can't believe Cloe is only 14 years old. We can't wait to see this young artist grow as she is definitely one to watch.

Born in Clearwater, Florida, Cloe draws inspiration from artists like Sasha Sloan, Lana Del Rey, and Lennon Stella. The seven track EP explores emotions I think we've all felt at some point or another. Everyone can find a song they can relate to on the EP, which is why we love it so much. Written alongside producer Sam Nicolosi, as well as EZI, Jackie Young, and Merōn, we are transported into a dream state, back to our teen years and its oh so bittersweet. With songs like 'Call Me If You Need Me and 'It's True' about growing up and learning about ourselves, we can't help but feel a little nostalgic. Some of our favorite lyrics are "I don't make friends, cuz i'll break them, what a teenage lullaby" (track 1 - 'Its True') and "I need to find my way, even if its not right" (track 6 - 'Call Me If You Need Me'). We feel like we are right there with her, growing with her and its really special.

When asked about the EP, Cloe said, "I think that this EP makes sense for my first project. I’ve been making music for a couple of years now and this project represents every stage of my life so far: the frustration, the excitement, the relationships. It’s definitely a romanticization of my life, but it’s not too far off. I’ve felt all of it… I just made it a little bit prettier for your listening pleasure. Sonically, the songs share a very ethereal sound with a dash of bedroom indie. This is a pretty accurate description because we wrote the whole project in my bedroom.”

We can't to see whats in store for Cloe and after listening to the EP, we are very invested!

Stream 'Teenage Lullabies' HERE and follow Cloe on IG!

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