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[New Release] Moon Sand Land - New Matters

An eclectic sound of hard-hitting beats and electric guitar leads mixed with a little rock flare is how we would describe Moon Sand Land. Its gritty - its unique - its creative and we love it.

Jason Ross (Moon Sand Land) released New Matters in May and its been on our speakers since.

'Blurring the lines between past lives and future realities, New Matters explores the reflective state that paralyzes us all. With a smooth simmering sound, this song encapsulates midnight moments trapped in thought. Despite being written during the pandemic, this song transcends the current circumstances and represents the larger definition of isolation. From late-August anxiety to mid-winter depression, this song portrays the continuing absence from reality throughout the seasons."

The newest single 'cut the carpets' just released as well in June and it doesn't disappoint.

Stream Moon Sand Land HERE

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