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Joseph Luca releases new single 'Green Lights'

Ojai local Joseph Luca releases his newest single 'Green Lights'. It's moody, jazzy and such a vibe for this spring season. His voice is soothing accompanied by a simple, almost mysterious production that entices you from the first chord.

Joseph first sparked our interest when he played our show at JuneShine a few months ago. His lyrics, melodies and voice instantly grabbed the crowd. He has a presence unlike any other and we are definitely fans of his music. Our favorite lyric of his new song -

"My heart's still bleeding / but you'd never know/ I could perform this to no one / or a sold out show"

Joseph Luca is a progressive artist and songwriter whose music examines love, vulnerability, sexuality, and one's internal sense of freedom against the will of a repressive society. For fans of Jeff Buckley, Prince, and Miguel, Joseph Luca brings sensual and vulnerable narratives with Pop sensibility to Alternative Soul.

"A Green Light is not to be rushed or taken for granted. To drive too fast through Green Lights diminishes the permission it gives us in the first place." - Joseph Luca when asked about Green Lights.

Listen here

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