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[Feature] Jillian Dawn and her newest single 'Watered Down'

Nashville based artist Jillian Dawn releases newest single 'Watered Down' and its the ultimate heart break song and we absolutely love it. It explores the idea of longing for what once was, or rather who he was. Her voice is beautiful over this pop anthem and captured us immediately. The song holds a lot of emotion and the lyrics give a punch that I think we can all relate to. Our favorite lyrics - I'm aiding a habit by keeping your ghost around' and 'All that i can do is drown myself in these new watered down versions of you'

We asked Jillian where the inspiration for this song came from...

“When you are lucky enough to experience a real, meaningful relationship, it's really hard to shake that person. I was hesitant at first because ‘Watered Down’ is a lot more mainstream pop than my typical indie-pop/rock songs. But, art always evolves. You are allowed to ebb & flow with your music and creativity; there's no box you need to set around yourself.”

and we love that she took this route because we love the song!

Jillian Dawn's acoustic-driven and soulful sound adopts a coming of age and heartbreak narrative. Following her recent release, “how simple this all started,” graduation from the Frost School of Music (U of Miami), and signing her first major management deal with FRNDLY Media, the Massachusetts native has been touring the country and collaborating with Nashville’s most promising talent on a highly-anticipated body of work.

We can't wait to see whats next for Jillian Dawn. Stream 'Watered Down' HERE

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