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Darren Kiely releases EP 'Lost'

The first time I heard Darren Kiely, I stopped everything that I was doing and listened to the whole song, giving it my full attention. It was ‘Lost and Found’ and I got chills. His voice, the lyrics, the messages behind the songs and the production stands out and you can’t help but feel something. He brings a sound true to his own and we can see him going far with his talents.

Kiely's EP 'Lost' is his newest release following his song 'Lost and Found'. The song itself speaks to anyone who feels a little lost in life, who needs encouragement to maybe let go and find yourself again. We all go through the ups and downs, and Darren puts it perfectly. The lyrics in the chorus go -

“Play hide and seek / till we’re lost & found”

It's such a simple yet beautiful message to anyone who needs a reminder to come back to themselves and move forward. One of my favorite lyrics is -

“So, tell me when your halo got so heavy, darlin, ‘ Why? / You hang your head when you should be the one to hold it high”

Kiely’s tour called ‘The Lost Tour’ starts January 2024 and goes through the Midwest, Canada and the East Coast. Darren we hope you make your way to LA soon as well!

Listen to the EP 'Lost' HERE

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