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[EP Release] Oh No, Not Again - Alexander 23

If you don't know the name, you will soon because Alexander 23 is on his way to being a household name. With lyrics that literally made me stop what I was doing and look up the song because I loved them so much, his talent is undeniable. We got to sit down with the Chicago native and find out what he is all about.

"I wanted to find something that really fulfilled me and it became clear that it was music. As Casey says 'follow your arrow'." And follow his arrow he did and we are so lucky at the outcome. His new EP 'Oh No, Not Again' is almost uncomfortably relatable, as if he literally went into our brains and wrote out what we were thinking. He said the EP was actually an accident and it "chronicles the life span of a relationship from yearning for someone, to being with someone, to the hard ships, to moving on. And having this happen over and over again and not learning from it - oh no not again." We have all been there. Its like going through the motions and it gets pretty exhausting sometimes when things don't work out, but this album assures anyone and everyone that they are not alone.

The EP starts out with one of our personal favorites - IDK You Yet. It follows that hope of wondering who will be your person. With lines like 'How can you miss someone you've never met? 'Cause I need you now but I don't know you yet' it definitely hits home. The EP continues with songs like 'Brainstorm' exploring the longing for someone. The production is simple yet so melodically catchy. Our favorite line from the song - "How bad's the weather in your head".

'Good to See You Again!' is another one of our personal favorites. Its all about running into your ex and how its not the most pleasant experience. The simple harmonies on this song evoke so much emotion. The bridge is a really special part, as it brings in (what we think is) a trumpet and the lyrics... "You asked me how I've been, but you don't really wanna know." Ouch, but its so valid and relatable. Our other favorite line is in the chorus... "Thank God we're with all of our friends, 'Cause I'd hate to have to deal with all the stuff that we said." I love how conversational his lyrics are.

When asked to describe the EP in three words, Alexander said, "sad but hopeful" and its very apparently true. Its sad to end things with someone, but there is always hope in the assurance your person is out there. He said, "The happy feelings I don’t need to do anything with but the sad things are what I need to work through." I think thats the beauty of music and art in general. It gives us a way to work through the sad moments and express ourselves in a unique way. Alexander 23 did just that with this new EP and we highly recommend going for a drive and listening.

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