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[New Release] Routine - Sam MacPherson

New Jersey artist Sam MacPherson just released his newest single 'Routine' and its easy to say, its been part of our routine now to listen to it daily. Sam recently made the move to LA and we can't wait to see what is next for him.

"'Routine' was deeply rooted from the feeling of realizing the true depth of a love, only after you’ve already taken it for granted."

Leading with a simple piano, Sam's voice takes over our senses. The lyrics are so beautifully written, the song captivates you instantly. We feel every emotion through the melody and it pulls at our heart strings. Its unfortunate sometimes we take for granted what we have until its gone... and Sam says it so well, " and thats quite the high to come down from, I'm not sure how the future's gonna measure up, falling in love was a part of my everyday routine."

Stream 'Routine' HERE and follow Sam on IG

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