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[New Release] Run - Colby Lapolla

We cannot get enough of Colby Lapolla's new song 'Run' written and produced by herself and Andrew Hansen. With dirty synths and a bass line that keeps us hooked, its hard not to have it on repeat. Colby's voice is so angelic yet moody it creates for a great balance with the production. Our favorite part however is the 8o8's and vocal stacks in the chorus - its definitely a hit.

Colby describes her sound as "pop, but only kinda," and we love where she is taking her music. Its unique and yet oh so catchy. She told us a common theme in her music is "my bad habit of dating guitar players." She's trying to quit. Her lyrics are so relatable and honest, putting us right in the middle of her life and we love it. With lines like, "My heart is a secret, till I want you to hear it" we can't help but snap our fingers in agreement and appreciation for such fire songwriting.

We got to ask her about the process of bringing this song to life. "This song started as a couple of lines and the three part stack with the claps that I tracked one day in the fall of 2019. I found some weird, crunchy drum loops and built out a sparse track that honestly has not gotten much more complex over time. I wanted to convey a picture of what it feels like to be gaslit by someone you know you shouldn't love, and that moment of realizing you need to not just get out, but run." Colby explained.

We love the song song and are so excited for what next for this artist.

Stream 'Run' HERE and follow Colby on IG :)

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