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Saturdays at Seven presents - Casey Conroy

Orlando-native Casey Conroy performs her single 'Say It' for us live from Los Angeles.

We got to ask Casey about the story behind the song.

““Say It” was the first song I wrote once the lockdown started last year. I thought lockdown was going to make me write lots of slow songs but “Say It” actually gave me a lot of the energy I needed at that time.”

We have been fans of Casey's music for a while now - from 'I Want U' to 'Remind Me' to 'Say It' we have so many favorites. Her music is a blend of blend of modern pop with some killer lyrics. The singer says, “I’m not interested in glamorizing myself just for the sake

of being glamorous. It’s really important for me to reflect and make music about real people and real things.”

Her music really does reflect that and 'Say It' is just another example of her beautifully unique voice and mad songwriting skills.

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