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[New Release] easy life - life's a beach

Leicester based R&B group easy life just dropped 'life's a beach' and its easy to say we are obsessed. With songs like 'have a great day' and 'compliments' - we have had the album on repeat. The production on each song is so unique with almost a spoken word type style and an indie groove throughout. We especially love the trumpet on 'nightmares'. The lyrics themselves are also super conversational and it feels like your almost talking to the boys directly. Another personal favorite is 'ocean view'. We love the line -

'I thought you said you loved the ocean

when you were standing at the shore

you didn't even dip your toes in'

We got to talk with easy life and learn a little bit about their story and its definitely an interesting one. Murray Matravers (vocalist, synth, keys, trumpet) gathered his friends together in 2017 to form a band... those friends were Oliver Cassidy (drums), Sam Hewitt (bass, sax, backing vocals), Lewis Berry (guitar) and Jordan Birtles (keys, backing vocals). Easy Life was then formed and they had their first single 'Pockets' blow up online by 2018, landing them a deal with Island Records. Its crazy that within a year, from casually starting up a band with friends, they were then getting a record deal. Its a testament to their talent and hard work.

Their album 'life's a beach' dropped May 28th and since then it has racked up views on Spotify. Stream it HERE

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