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[New Release] Rosie - To Get Over You

We have a new favorite artist - Rosie. At just 20 years old, she is crushing the singer/songwriter music scene. Her lyrics are so on point and personal, it makes you feel like your having a one on one conversation with her. We love her message - "No filters, no Facetune, no Vsco, no makeup, no bullshit." I think its so important to have this perspective, especially as a woman in the industry. To be authentically yourself.

Her newest single 'To Get Over You' is perfect for anyone who just can't get over that special someone, or I guess, we shouldn't call them special anymore (thats the first step). Her vocals lead the track and make us really listen to the lyrics -

"I would hike Mount Everest, to get over you, I'd walk through hell and back again, to get over you..."

The emotion throughout the whole song really puts us back in that place, I'm sure most of us has been in, trying to get over someone.

‘to get over you’ is about the ups and downs of healing from heartbreak,” Rosie says. “As the 4th track from my concept E.P. about the 5 stages of grief, this song represents the 3rd stage, bargaining. With the help of my producer, Noah Conrad, we turned a piano ballad into a sad summer bop.”

Stream 'To Get Over You' HERE

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