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[New Release] Young Devyn - Baby Goat

Meet the Baby Goat of hip hop, Young Devyn. She gained a following quite quickly with her killer freestyles and her authentic sound. We got to talk to the artist about her new album 'Baby Goat' and finding a passion for music at a young age.

The 8 track album is full of killer lyrics and catchy melodies. Our personally favorites are tracks like 'Time Away' 'Act Bad' and 'Like This'. 'Act Bad' is full of beautiful vocal chops and a strong bass and kick - ear candy. The harmonies and vocal chops really add a flare to the song. Devyn's voice is silky and fresh and will carry her far.

Devyn went into the story behind how she got into writing and why she doesn't use profanity in her music...

"I’ve been writing since I was 8. Coming from an old Caribbean house hold, I read a lot. At some point I read through all the books and so my grandma told me to read the dictionary. I think I have found a way to use other words that hit as hard as a curse word but finagle it a bit."

I think its really admirable that she wants to create music that every girl can relate too - that doesn't always use curse words and wears clothes for herself, that don't always show everything. Its girl power at its finest.

We asked Devyn what advice she'd give...

“Nothing happens before its time”

and Devyn, its your time now :)

We can't wait to see what comes next. Stream her album HERE

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