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Saturday Session Presents - Amon

San Diego born and bred hip-hop artist Amon, performs an acoustic version of his new single 'Trampolines' at Saturdays at Seven. Dropping a song every two weeks, we can't wait to hear more from this artist. From charting #1 on Spotify's Canadian Viral Top Charts and #9 on US Viral Charts, we know there is a lot more in store for Amon. We got to ask Amon the story behind his song -

"Trampolines are fun but dangerous. Understanding and accepting losses are one thing. Bouncing back is a whole nother step in itself. Amon was doing worse than the guy in the white house for a long time. He had to disappear from the world and build himself up."

We can say with full confidence, Amon has definitely built himself up again and we can't wait to see whats next for him.

Stream his music HERE and follow on IG :)

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