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Saturday Session Presents - sad alex

Delaware raised and Los Angeles based indie pop artist sad alex performs her new single ‘I’m glad that you found someone’ for us at our latest Saturday Sessions. sad alex never disappoints – with witty lyrics and catchy melodies, her songs are one for every occasion. ‘I’m glad that you found someone’ tells her point of view from a breakup, where they have moved on…. And of course, she's ‘glad’ (insert sarcasm here). We are big fans of the song and its relatability. The chorus especially does it for us with the line ‘f*** you and your girlfriend too…’. The song is full of extremely clever phrases and sarcastic comments galore (our favorite) and makes us all want to copy paste this song and send to that special someone...

We can’t wait to see what sad alex has in store for us next! Watch her performance with Saturdays at Seven here as well as the music video...

Follow on IG, Spotify and check out her merch here :)

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