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Saturday Sessions Presents - Suriel Hess

Up and coming bedroom pop artist Suriel Hess serenades us with his sultry vocals as he sings us his single ‘Don’t Wanna Know’. The song itself focuses on the feelings behind a relationship ending, and not wanting to know how that person is doing or who they’ve moved on too. I think we can all relate to those feelings of not wanting to know, to spare our own heart and sanity in the end.

Suriel Hess has become a regular and artist we love to follow here at Saturdays at Seven. Not only has he brought an energy to all our house shows, but he has made us big fans of his music. From growing up in Ashland to living in RV on Sunset Blvd, he has definitely earned his place in our speakers and we can’t wait to see what is next for him. Stream his new single ‘Overthinking’ out NOW on all platforms here -

Fun Facts about Suriel Hess:

- He is colorblind

- He is good at throwing items of food in the air and catching them in his mouth (specifically grapes and gummy bears)

He spent over $500 on chocolate chips his sophomore year of high school #chocoholic

Follow Suriel:

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