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Saturday Sessions Presents - Talker

LA based artist, Talker, gave us a vibey stripped down performance of her single Suck Up. She likes to describe herself as an emo indie rock artist, but add some glitter.  From the moment she walked into the house it was obvious that her music would stand out. She is calm and collected on the surface but her intoxicating angst was present during her set. 

Talker is originally from Sacramento but has lived in Germany and went to college in Miami. Her worldly perspective is valuable to her writing and she hopes to add some more cities to this list in the future. She wrote Suck Up about her constant desire to live up to some ideal version of herself. She said “I’m always trying to outdo myself just for the sake of who I think I should be - and trying to figure out which version of that is actually me.” That feeling is so tangible and relatable especially during a year when everyone’s expectations of normalcy have changed. 

Talker’s EP Wax is out now on all platforms, and keep an eye out for some new music she is working on that will be released in early 2021. 

Random fact about Talker:

-She has learned how to surf and speak spanish all during quarantine 

Follow Talker on Spotify and Instagram!

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