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Weekly Roundup

From our all time favorites we sing along to in the car to new up-and-coming artists we can't wait to see grow, we bring you our weekly roundup. Lets begin...

I had to start with a personal favorite, considering I got to see them live this past week. The show was phenomenal - if you haven't been to the Moroccan Lounge for a show I'd highly recommend. They just released their new album 'Hope For Sale' and 'Gone' is an absolute favorite. The vocals, production, lyrics all get you seriously in your feels.

I fell in love with this song on a road trip with some friends to Paso Robles. We played it probably 10 times on the way there and on the way back - it did help that we did indeed drive through 'Summerland' on the way to our destination but nevertheless this song is a favorite. Its a feel good, summer sunsets, drive down PCH vibe and its a must have on any 'car playlist'.

You know when a song feels like it was made just for you - it hits exactly how your feeling and what your going through. Thats how I feel about 'Scarlett'. Its our decades Aly and AJ 'Potential Breakup Song' and I think I already know all the words. My favorite lyric - "You left me waiting on a heartbreak" and (cause I can't pick just one) "I know I adore you, I don't need you now". I got to see this song live this past week at her show at The Roxy and to say the crowd was loving this song is an understatement. If you or someone you know is going through a breakup, this is the song they need right now.

This is an older release from 'Winnetka Bowling League' but regardless, I still listen to it at least once a week and - shamelessly - cry. Its a nostalgic blanket, a timeless song that I think will be a classic one day, at least for me. Favorite lyrics are - "I sit down in Union Square, I could feel you here, I swear/ but I turned around to see its really nothing/ its just something in the air".

I'm a new fan of Madi Diaz after I saw her open for Caamp and I can already say I am a big fan. Her voice is so unique and her songs are so vulnerable - its like your having an intimate conversation. This song is a personal love of my mine. Favorite lyrics - "thats just true, its not even brave/ can't be a new person in an old place"

Ktlyn has taken over the rap scene recently with her clever lyrics and catchy songs - My Town is a definite favorite but I'd recommend listening to all of her tracks. Its smooth, laid back and all around a good listen.

See ya next week, Tuesday October 19th, at our show at Neighbor in Venice, CA!

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