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Weekly Roundup

Its a new year, a new week, and a new Weekly Roundup. These artists all have created their own lane in this era of oversaturated media - they stand out.

My first favorite in this roundup is the highly talented Montell Fish. I was sent a song by him a few weeks ago and have been listening nonstop since. 'Call U Tomorrow' is a love letter to the listener and to whoever was on the other line. Its beautiful in every essence. Its a spoken word type song with melodic genius and a interestingly curated production of instruments.

If K.Flay and King Princess had a baby it would be Ruby Waters. Her music is fun, bass and drum heavy and raises your energy without trying too hard. Its chill yet upbeat and we can't get enough. This song especially has been on repeat.

Benson Boone has a voice like I've never heard before. Its rich yet soft and so full of emotion you can feel it coming out of the song. The soft spots of vibrato over such a beautiful piano solo is pure magic. Favorite lyric - "Maybe Loving me is the reason you can't love yourself"

This song deserves more than just a paragraph. Its the most beautifully written song I may have heard this year. Its a love song to the piano in his mothers home - his mother who passed away. We all know that one place we let it all go - and for him that his piano, letting him grieve through music. Its a ballad of longing for that childhood place - childhood essence and memory of his mother. He said "this song is dedicated to my mother binty sisay. the more time that passes, the more i see the extent of her love for me."

My favorite lyric is"You drop-top the sky, oh, you ride, when I was three years old/ No one knows me like the piano in my mother's home".

This song came out earlier this year and its been a classic in my library since. Its catchy with a bit of sass. Its oh so unique with harmonies that are so pretty they stay in your head long after listening. Favorite lyric - "I'll stick with somebody who'll love me right/ I wanna dance with somebody who'll hold me tight".

I saw Dora Jar at Winston House earlier this year and it was probably one of the best performances I've seen. She was so engaging and held the audience in her hand the whole time. Her lyrics are so interesting and unique - you can't help but be pleasantly surprised by whats next. Its poetry and her words are quite genius the way she describes life. She has created her own lane and its quite refreshing. Favorite lyric - "You have green and blue veins/ Loopin' like spaghetti through your body's traffic lanes/ Sometimes I like to pretend that your veins have no end/ And I can drive through them"

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