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Brooklyn Baby - Sidney Bird

Sidney Bird's music is timeless - her voice is oh so unique and her music just makes you want to smile at times. The production on her newest single 'Brooklyn Baby' is one for long drives and dancing under a disco ball.

“I grew up listening to Barenaked Ladies, Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell,” says Bird. “Then became obsessed with Katy Perry, Britney Spears––all the popstars.” Her influences shine through in her sound.

Sidney Bird is a southwestern darling making a name for herself in New York City. Born and raised in Arizona, Bird holds her own in the western pop scene.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m playing characters through my music, using them as a vehicle to express honest and genuine feelings.” Bird says. Her lyrics are whimsical and pure describing a story all her own. My favorite line from Brooklyn Baby is 'When the traffics loud and you feel like causin drama/pull over/call your mama'

When asked about her latest single, the singer said "I wrote Brooklyn Baby a couple days after moving to New York. I felt so grown up in my new apartment, but part of me also felt super scared of how 'old' I was getting. I sat down with my guitar and wrote this song; it's about self reflection and growing up".

We can't wait to see whats next for Bird! Stream Brooklyn Baby here!

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