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[EP Release] The Walls are Way Too Thin - Holly Humberstone

Holly Humberstone is the kind of artist you look up to you but also feel this undeniable relatability to - like she is one of your close friends. Her songs are conversational, intimate and down right honest in the best way possible. Her lyrics not just tug, but rip at my heart at times. I got to see her live at the Roxy a few weeks ago - a few days after we got to sit down with her and hear all about her new EP 'The Walls are Way Too Thin' - you could say it was an eventful week. It was her first show in the US and it was, to put it lightly, very special. She explained how she really had no idea what to expect, growing her success mainly in 2020 when touring was off, so to see a packed house made her realize how many people were really listening to her music.

“This EP represents a feeling of being lost,” says Holly. “It’s the kind of lost that makes you question who you are and where you belong. So lost that someone might need to find you again because you can’t find yourself. That’s how it felt to move to Liverpool, then London, and be in transit between cities and never settling.”

Some of her biggest inspirations right now are other young female artists like herself. She says...

"I feel like theres a really nice trend where people are just oversharing and its young females - people aren't really afraid to say whatever in their songs and talk about real shit"

Humberstones new EP does overshare - and we love it. Vulnerability makes the best music and that is what she has created with 'The Walls are Way Too Thin'. My personal favorite off the record is 'Scarlett'. Its our decades Aly and AJ 'Potential Breakup Song' and I think I already know all the words.

She explained to us that she writes a lot for her own mental wellbeing. She says "its my way of working through everything and taking care of my mental health." Music gives us such a rare opportunity - whether it be creating or listening - to express ourselves. Its a form of therapy in a way. Holly does such a good job of expressing herself through her music and finding ways to connect with others on issues like family, friends, growing up, mental health and breakups - there is a song for almost anything you are going through. Take the time and listen to her new EP, or should I say sit down with Holly and have a conversation - as that is what it feels like to listen all the way through - a chat between two friends.

Listen HERE

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