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Jaswiry Morel - The Morning

Jaswiry Morel captures you instantly with the most angelic voice, harmonies that are like a lullaby and the most simple piano production that fits perfectly with her sound. Her voice is so smooth and moody in her newest single ' The Morning'. I am new to Jaswiry's music and its safe to say I'm a fan.

Jaswiry Morel is a fusion alternative R&B artist from the Bronx, New York. Her music is infused with Latin and jazz percussion, dreamy synths, soulful sounds, and bilingual lyrics. "Each song is nothing but an experiment" as she puts it. This year alone she has opened up for Laundry Day and headlined some of her own shows at venues like SOB's and Heaven Can Wait.

Her new single 'The Morning' dropped June 10th and is the second single off her artist project. With experimental sounds and a jazzy rhythm, the song stands out.

Our favorite lyric - "Your words are like the avenues/ short and sweet/nothing is new"

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