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[New Release] Bad Luck - Erin Kirby (feat. Zac Lawson)

Atlanta based singer/songwriter Erin Kirby has peaked our interests this past week with her new single 'Bad Luck' and we can't get enough of it. Its no wonder she made it to American Idol Top 60 - her voice is POWERFUL.

The song is explores the idea of hiding emotions and bottling things up - something I think we can all relate too. We asked Erin about the message behind the song and what inspired it.

"Bad Luck refers to how we tend to cover up our feelings around others. I find that I do this especially when we are in a bad relationship. I tend to just hold onto things and say "It's my fault" or "I must be the problem". I think we've all felt this at one point or another- that we must have bad luck, wishing we could find an easy way out."

With soulful vocals full of emotional power mixed with catchy pop melodies, we have this song on repeat for sure. We especially love how open and honest Kirby is throughout her lyrics. It makes us feel like we really know her and can relate to what she has been through. We all at some point question if we have 'bad luck'. We know her luck will turn around soon... since this song is definitely a hit.

Stream 'BAD LUCK' HERE and follow Erin Kirby on IG :)

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