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[New Release] Chasing Clouds - Annika Grace

This week has been very exciting for someone who is extremely important to all things Saturday’s at Seven. Our very own Annika Grace has released her new single - Chasing Clouds. From the first moody pick of the guitar, you know Annika is going to hit you with some poetic lyrics. The song is full of hypnotizing melodies that draw you in and emphasize her deeper message.

In the first line, she asks a question of herself that I think a lot of us can relate to - “Would I feel more loved if more people loved me?” Chasing Clouds is about the gratification, or lack thereof, that our generation equates to ‘followers’. Annika told me exactly where this concept began, “I wrote Chasing Clouds with three friends in a New York apartment. We got together and just started ranting about Cancel Culture and the society we live in today with 15-minute fame and how it seems to lack substance and longevity.” She said she later recorded the vocals here in LA and worked with producer Sam Bierman via Zoom (Covid safe!) to create the finished product.

As an LA native herself, Annika is familiar with how a “clout chasing” mindset can take its toll on the psyche. She explained, “the obsession with wanting to be noticed is toxic and adds to an already unhealthy relationship with social media and our outlook on ourselves.” She frames this curse of our generation as a sort of coping mechanism that does nothing for our personal relationships. It manifests feelings of isolation and loneliness. She summed it up by saying “In the end, everyone’s really chasing something you can’t grasp, like clouds.”

Chasing Clouds is out on all platforms and you can look forward to a music video in the next few weeks. And, in true Chasing Clouds fashion, there is an Instagram filter that you can find on Annika’s Instagram, @annikagracemusic. Show our Saturday’s at Seven founder some love and stream Chasing Clouds here:

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