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[New Release] High Tea - TOMBOY

Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Queen and Lady Gaga, TOMBOY brings us a pop anthem like no other. Originally from Massachusetts, the androgynous singer songwriter is paving a new way for themselves in music. Their debut single, 'High Tea' is a blend of pop and unique artistic expression of great lyrics and a super catchy melody.

We asked TOMBOY the story behind the song and it went something like this...

"High Tea is a quarantine love story"It don't matter the time, the moment or the place" is a lyric you will hear in the pre chorus, which perfectly describes that feeling of no matter what's happening, I want to be with you. The message behind "High Tea" is saying that whatever is happening in the world doesn't matter, we should be together. "Won't you take a sip of me?" Tea is sometimes known as gossip. Make that "high", I interpret that as being extra. Let me be your everything. Take a sip of me instead, love."

We can't wait to see whats next for this artist, as they are already on such a great path towards success and its only their debut single!

Make sure to follow along on TOMBOYS journey through IG and stream 'High Tea' HERE

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