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[New Release] Maybe Not (with Mac Ayres) - Souly Had

I remember listening to ‘Crush’ three years ago in parking lot in Venice Beach and knowing then and there I found a new favorite artist. After that, it became a small obsession of liking every song the Upstate New York artist had on SoundCloud (this was before he hit big and SoundCloud was where it was at). My friend and I would spend car rides blasting ‘All The Time’ and ‘Talk to Me’. It was exciting because we felt like we discovered someone who would become huge… and it was our little secret. And now, fast forward to 2021, and Souly Had is making moves. His newest single ‘Maybe Not (with Mac Ayres) dropped December 11th, finishing off this crazy year with a bang. This song is full of poetic stanza’s mixed with tons of harmonic candy (our favorite).

Souly has a way of layering old school Hip/hop and R&B influences over a simple organic beat and it’s genius and oh so unique. With melodies that stick in your head for days after, it’s hard not to want to binge listen to all of his music. Mac Ayres was the perfect addition to this track and their voices together are pure magic.

Souly, you never disappoint. Another one to have on repeat while we bring in the new year. Stream ‘Maybe Not’ on all platforms here and follow Souly Had on Instagram!

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