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[New Release] Standbye - MaRy

We have a new obsession - Stockholm and London based duo MaRy! Their sound is a combination of disco and electronic soul and we can’t get enough of their melodic ear candy and harmonic genius. When asked how they met they said it went a little something like this… “We met through mutual friends and bonded over our love of Jordan Rakei and Bombay Bicycle Club. We started writing together and something clicked and the rest is history.”

Their newest single “Standbye’ is a tribute to 2020, “About feeling stuck in a rut and the feeling of falling behind and being left on standby.” The message really hits home for us and I’m sure a lot of people. The word ‘Standbye’ is such a great way to describe the past year and all our emotions and uncertain plans. The intricate drum patterns mixed with vocal chops and synthy wonders makes for the perfect song to blast on a long car ride or add to your ‘chill’ playlist (We’ve already added it to our top 20 playlist on Spotify FYI).

We can’t wait to see what is next for this duo! Stream ‘Standbye’ HERE and follow them on IG :)

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