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[New Release] Steer Clear - The Frog Brothers

From the creek beds of New Albany IN comes a garage rock band that we cannot get enough of! With gritty guitars and unique vocals, its no wonder The Frog Brothers are on their way to success. They released their newest single 'Steer Clear' on March 16th and we've had it on repeat.

"Steer clear is a song about wanting to leave society and live in a van. With the country in the state that it's in, and general introvertedness "Steer Clear" gives an apology to friends that you've lost touch with." - The Frog Brothers

I think we've all had some type of experience that made us want to just pack up and leave our lives. I myself find this song super relatable, especially considering the last year. There is some comfort in hearing the lyrics and knowing your not alone in feeling a little antsy. With guitar solos and old school drums, its a song that stands out.

Stream 'Steer Clear' HERE :)

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