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[New Release] Who We Love - Peter Fenn

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Peter Fenn is a Bakersfield, CA native turned Venice local singer/songwriter and producer. He has produced and written for artists such as Zachary Knowles, Rence and BabyJake. Peter has made his mark behind the scenes, but this year has been an amazing opportunity for him to step out from behind the curtain. “Who We Love” is one of the seven melodic singles he dropped in 2020, a huge feat in such an uncertain year. He’s been featured on numerous Spotify and Apple Music editorial playlists, such as Anti Pop, Chill Pop and Fresh Finds: Best of 2020. Listening through his singles, it is very evident that he has been perfecting his sound for the last four years and Who We Love is a tangible representation of his progress and talent.

When the song starts, you’re not sure where the melody is going to take you and that is exactly the message that Peter wants listeners to take away. He said, “‘Who We Love’ is a song that touches on the idea that sometimes we don’t really have complete control over who we fall for. Your heart just kind of falls for who it falls for. Even if there’s someone who isn’t ‘good’ for you, your heart can convince you otherwise. Sometimes we’re not in control.” The feeling of not being in control is something that a lot of people can relate to these days. And further than that, falling for someone unexpected is a concept that has been written about for ages, think Romeo and Juliet or basically any hallmark movie ever. Peter does a great job of not sugarcoating this experience. He highlights the hard parts, the painful parts and his textured voice is a great guide through these feelings.

There are definitely big things on the horizon for Peter in 2021. He is constantly writing and working on new songs and 2020 has only been the beginning. You can stream all of Peter’s music wherever you listen here:

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