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Sam Soto serenades us with 'LALA'

Every once and a while you find a song you want to play on repeat with the windows down, driving down that special street. That song is this song. It belongs in some feel good movie and on your speakers. Its the perfect song to start off the summer.

Based in Nashville, Sam tries to incorporate all elements of indie rock and whimsical pop and its obvious in his music he has mastered it.

"I wrote this song on the bass in one sitting and it just kinda hit me and made me cry. This song was a beautiful release for me. I’d been wanted to tell the story of my struggles with religion and mental health for awhile, and when i wrote this song it all came tumbling out." Sam told us about 'LALA'.

With a killer hook, synth candy and so many fun bittersweet sounds, it stands out. It has an early 2000's mixed with a rock vibe and its the perfect blend.

Stream 'LALA' HERE and follow Sam on IG

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