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Weekly Roundup

Welcome to Weekly Roundup, where we tell you whats been on our repeats. Some may be old, some may be new, but thats the beauty of music - its timeless.

This song is the definition of feel good, nostalgic, blasting in the car down PCH bliss. C. James has a voice that is so soothing and the lyrics are really powerful. The song as a whole has been on repeat for me and I highly recommend adding it to one of your playlists.

Favorite lyric - " Shadows racing down my hallway to a point we both forgot"

This song is simply beautiful. Its a timeless production with angelic vocals and harmonies leading us through a story a lot of us can relate to - unrequited love. The whole album 'Swimming Lessons' is worth listening too, its hard to pick just one favorite. This song has indeed been on repeat for me the past couple weeks.

Favorite lyric - "Its all on the surface, it don't hurt anymore"

I've been a fan of Del Water Gap since I heard 'Sorry I Am' earlier this year and I got pretty excited to find out they released a new EP. 'Perfume' is my personal favorite - its catchy, youthful and just downright fun.

Favorite lyric - "You tell me when you're older you'll run back to the forest to get a little distance from the buildings and tourists. I was hoping I could come, too"

Remi Wolf never disappoints and this song continues to support that. Fun fact, she was the last concert I went to before the pandemic and it was incredible. She has such an energy, its infectious. This song in particular is one of my favorites.

Favorite lyric - "I just want to protect my energy, ain't got no time for the frenemies"

Whoever Christine is, she is a lucky girl. This song is so creative and entertaining. Its a great song to add to your car playlist, roll down the windows and smile.

Favorite lyric - "Oh so what she's my dentist, or my dental hygienist, I want to be more than a patient to her"

I saw Maverick Sabre at a Sofar Sounds show way back in the day and from then on, I've always been a big fan. His voice, lyrics, production are all so in synch and mesmerizing. This song especially is one of my favorites - the whole album is fantastic though.

Favorite lyric - "Searchin' for the truth and you're standin' in my view / Tell me where you're findin' your supply / There's something in the news, now tell me, what should I believe?"

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