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An Interview with Aimee Vant

We got to ask singer/songstress Aimee Vant some questions and it went like this...

How did you get your start in music?

Growing up, I never felt like being a musician was fully a natural gift of mine. I came from a family of non-musicians and therefore was primarily just an avid music listener before having the courage to try for myself. I started as a drummer when I was about 6 years old and instantly felt connected with it. Through my years of playing drums I was always drawn to how raw and emotional singing appeared to be. I was petrified by the idea of trying for myself and didn’t take the leap of faith until I was about 13. At that point I fell in love with music more deeply than ever before, and telling stories through singing gave me a real sense of belonging. I idolized artists such as Sia, Lorde, Tom Odell, Jeff Buckley & Kelly Clarkson. In my head their ability to write these songs felt godly, and it wasn’t until I got to college that I felt ready to try as well.

For several years I silently wrote and was too afraid to share what I was creating. I adored the art of songwriting so much that I felt unworthy of clumsily stepping into that world myself. At 18, I finally started releasing my own music and haven’t stopped since.

What does music mean to you?

For me, Music and particularly songwriting have curated the most safe space I’ve ever known. I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember, and songwriting is the only thing that’s allowed me to accept and embrace it. Whenever I feel consumed by anxiety, songwriting allows me to process it and organize my thoughts into a piece of art. The feeling of creating something beautiful as a result of pain feels euphoric, and the fact that I can use that to connect with others who are suffering in the same way feels incredibly peaceful. Nothing else makes me feel more human than I do when I’m writing. I am beyond grateful that songwriting has allowed me to turn one of my biggest obstacles into one of my biggest strengths.

Tell us the story behind your song?

I wrote 6.0 shortly after moving from my hometown in Massachusetts to LA this year. I am very partial to the people in my life, particularly my family, and the move left me further from them than I’ve ever been. To make matters even more emotional, I experienced my worst heartbreak right before moving and definitely lost a piece of my identity with it. One night about 4 months after the move I experienced my first earthquake. I vividly remember being shaken out of sleep at 4 am, and my mind immediately raced to the people I love. That moment of reflex put things into perspective for me, and reminded me of the importance of cherishing all the forms of love that I have in my life. I’m a strong believer that relationships are worth fighting for, so 6.0 came out of a sort of bitterness that I felt after drastically losing someone that I thought would be in my life forever.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday?

Go to a diner with a few friends (definitely the most entertaining place to hang out and people watch for a few hours)

What artists influence your sound?

Tom Odell, Chris Martin, Birdy, Jeff Buckley, Sia, Lorde, Lennon Stella, Gracie Abrams

What’s your dream superpower?

Teleportation. I think life is about experiencing as much as you can, challenging yourself, and taking risks. Traveling is definitely my favorite way of doing all of these things and I would be doing it constantly if I could afford it.

What’s up next for you?

Right now a lot of my focus is on writing as well as production. Over the past few years I’ve developed a love for producing and now I’m finally feeling ready to do it mostly by myself. ‘6.0’ is my first release that I’ve been lead producer on, and I plan for it to be followed by several more self-produced tracks. My next few singles feel the most true to my style yet, especially since I’ve allowed myself to have more creative control than ever.

Listen to her newest single '6.0' HERE

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