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An interview with Nikita Lev

Nikita Lev has started 2024 off with a bang releasing her newest single 'Now I Think Of You Unspeakably'. We sat down with the indie-rock artist and asked her more about her project and whats to come for this rising star.

How did you get your start in music?

I have a very musical background. I started playing flute in 4th grade and picked up guitar when I was ten. I was always surrounded by it because my family is very musical

Where are you from/ has it influenced your music at all?

I’m from New York City. I would say yes in the sense that it has influenced me as a person and therefore influences the music that I make. New York is a very diverse electric place and very liberating artistically. 

Tell us the story behind your new song

It’s kind of a long one. It’s about me developing a crush on a good friend of mine and the vulnerability that comes with the feeling of knowing someone really well and even still wanting to know more. 

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday?

Picnic with friends when the weather gets nice.

What artists influence your sound?

A lot. Right now it’s a lot of Radiohead and Men I Trust that’s inspiring me. Maybe some Nine Inch Nails. Admittedly it changes all the time 

Do you have any pre show rituals?

I don’t really. I just try to remember to enjoy myself cause that’s the whole point really.

What is one album that changed your life?

There’s a lot but I would say The Wall by Pink Floyd

Listen to Nikita Lev here <3

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