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Rising Star Bridey Costello

How did you get your start in music?

I got into music at a young age doing musicals and being in

my school choir. I went to a flea market with my family when I

was in seventh grade and found the dingiest 20 dollar guitar that

I knew I needed. I bought it and from then I started writing

songs and teaching myself guitar. Once I hit junior year I got to

be in a class that focused on recording music so I started taking

myself more seriously with songwriting. I wrote and recorded an

EP that I put out senior year and it’s still funny to go back and

listen to what I did then verses what I’m doing now. I went to

Belmont University in Nashville to study music. Graduated in

2023 and now still doing all the things here in Nashville.

Where are you from and has it influenced your

music at all?

I am from outside of Chicago (about a 30 minute train ride

to the city) in a suburb called Elmhurst IL. I feel like I get a lot

of inspiration from that suburb when it comes to my writing. I’m

grateful for my family and how I was raised but was brought up

in the Catholic Church where a lot of things were rejected and

heavily judged. Being so close to such a diverse place (Chicago)

it is wild to see the differences being from a not so diverse town.

Growing up being closeted throughout high school thinking I

would never really find peace within that part of myself comes

up a lot in my writing and storytelling.

Tell us the story behind your new song?

My upcoming song “Confession” is all about that part of

me that was raised catholic and very normalized to weird

standards within that community. Learning about how wrong it

was to be queer in that space made me believe that was not ever

an option to explore so when being called gay by people around

me I was honestly just confused as a kid. I knew by high school

I needed to take a step back from that church but didn’t fully get

the opportunity to step back until I went off to college. Now

having years spent reflecting and deconstructing fixed ideas in

my head I have had such an easier time learning about myself

and others.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday?

My favorite things to do on a Saturday are... sit outside,

listen to good music, drink coffee, hang with friends honestly

soak in having nothing to do.

What artists influence your sound?

Artist that influence my sound include.. Adrianne Lenker,

Clairo, Madi Diaz, Briston Maroney, Joni Mitchell, Julien

Baker, Flyte

Do you have any pre show rituals?

Not really lol !! I just am usually excited to play!

What is one album that changed your life?

The most recent album that changed my life would

probably be the new Adrianne Lenker Album “Bright Future”. I

just am in awe of the songwriting and intentionality behind the

production. The honesty that Adrianne puts into those songs is

unlike other songwriting. It feels so personal and universal and

that is my favorite combo in songwriting. I just love songs that

linger throughout my days and pretty much every song on this

album sticks around with me.

What are you looking forward to most in the

new year?

The thing I’m looking forward to right now is honestly just

rolling out my EP I’m sitting on. Other than that just focusing

back in on writing and taking care of myself!

Listen HERE

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