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An Interview with Amber Ais

Boston raised indie pop artist Amber Ais just released her new single "Better Without Me" and its a hit to say the least. We got to ask the singer/songwriter some questions...

How did you get your start in music?

I’ve always loved to sing growing up and I have been singing in church since I was about 3 years old. For a portion of my childhood my mom was the director of the children’s choir and kind of forced all of her children to be in it but I didn’t really mind because I just liked to sing so much! When it came to songwriting, that also started so early as well. Me and sisters formed a “band” called the Punk Pixies which is honestly so embarrassing to type out! But we thought we were so cool and legit. Luckily we only ever played shows in my basement for my parents but we did write all of our own songs and I would even write signs at recess. So the music bug was planted in my childhood but it wasn’t until I was in high school that I really wanted to pursue it as an actual career.

What does music mean to you?

Oh my! Music means so much to me. I’m a Christian and I believe that God gave me this gift not only for myself but for others and for His glory. People long to be related to and to feel like they’re not alone and I know that’s what God has always wanted me to do with music. I believe every song is part of what God is teaching me or something He has brought me through. So I use every heartbreak and every lesson to create connection and vulnerability in people who don’t have the words. Music is SO powerful and I’m grateful that I was blessed with something so creative and personal to share.

Tell us the story behind your song?

Yikes! I was BIG sad! Better Without Me was written because I decided to creep on my ex’s instagram for some reason after like YEARS of never looking at him or talking to him. I promise I am NOT that girl who creeps on my ex’s BUT I did this ONE time and it made me feel like crap. Which I guess is the reason why people tell you not to creep on your ex’s! But I just felt like he was doing a lot better in life than I was. He just seemed like he was so cool and doing awesome things and I work at a coffee shop and live with my parents. Comparison is honestly the thief of joy. And BOY did it steal my joy that day...but I did write a pretty cool song though!

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday?

On my days off I love dressing up even if I don’t have anywhere to go. I’ll literally put on a full face of makeup and get dressed just to go to Target for 20 minutes. Saturday nights I usually just chill and hang with my friends if we’re able to. I just love my community and they really are my life line. So any opportunity I get to dress up and just chill with my friends is my favorite.

What artists influence your sound?

I love John Mayer. HE IS MY DAD. He has influenced me so much as a writer. Old Tori Kelly because I think she had a way of doing the singer/songwriter pop thing which I loved so much. Recently I fell in love with Julia Michaels’ writing. Ugh she just has such a conversational pen and I’m trying to see if I can write in that way and challenge myself.

What’s your dream superpower?

If I had super power it would be to teleport because I suck at being places on time. OR to have whatever power that

What’s up next for you?

It’s a not so secret secret that I’m putting out an album at some point this year. It’s a little risky for an indie artist to do in the age of streaming BUT I like a challenge and ALSO I love all of these songs so much and I’m excited to put them out. But this year you will hear more singles to get a feel for the new album. I think it’s probably the best music I have and I’ve been sitting on it for like an entire year. But oof! I’m so happy with them.

Listen to 'Better Without Me' HERE and follow Amber Ais on IG :)

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