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An Interview with Fairhazel

British born, South African raised singer/songwriter Fairhazel released his new album 'I Sold My Soul For Fairhazel' on vinyl (get it here) and we got to ask him a few questions about it...

How did you get your start in music?

When I was smaller than I can remember I attended this group music class, where other babies and I would sing and play (probably slapping random surfaces out of time) along to songs led by a musical leader. I think her name was Nellie but maybe not. Then I took piano lessons, followed by guitar lessons all before I was 5.

How did you get your name ‘Fairhazel’?

I was going by Hugh Macdonald, my real name until I signed a two-song deal with Communion Records. They basically said that I could either keep Hugh Macdonald and wipe the music under that name away or I could start a new project under a new name so my parents and I brainstormed names for weeks, coming up with all sorts of rubbish, some gems, mostly ridiculous stuff until one day I was walking home in London, on the same street I always walked down, Fairhazel Gardens and it all clicked.

Tell us the inspiration behind your new album “I Sold My Soul For Fairhazel”

I’m always making tracks and all of a sudden I had about 23 songs recorded since my last album from January. There seemed to be a theme of musical growth and a journey away from self-indulgence that tied the songs together lyrically and it came together like that. Some songs didn’t make the cut but I’m so happy with the ones that did.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday?

At this point a Saturday is a Tuesday and a Tuesday is a Friday and it’s all one. So I guess my favourite thing to do is go in the studio, make some music, cook food with a lot of garlic, and spend time with my wife and our housemates.

What artists influence your sound?

Harry Nilsson in terms of creativity and diversity of genre in the studio. The Beatles and The Kinks in terms of sonic British-ness and Laura Marling in her gentleness of melodies that somehow are so powerful.

What is one album that changed your life?

The Horizon Just Laughed by Damien Jurado. Me and my wife, Danielle and my friend Nate discovered it and for months we would listen to it in full every single day. I’ve never heard an album with such perfection in every song. Every melody and word and instrument and arrangement is perfect.

What’s up next for you?

A lot more music! Always more music. But also this is a time to be creative, make cool videos, collaborate with artists from different disciplines and then hopefully playing live if that comes back soon.

Stream 'I Sold My Soul For Fairhazel' HERE and follow him on IG

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