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An interview with poolfire

How did you get your start in music? I first got really interested in music when I was around 8. I had a friend whose older sisters would babysit me, and either we would hang at his house and he would play all his moms Elvis CDs, or I’d be at home and get to listen to Green Day with them. The sound of high energy guitars was so magical, I thought it was the best. I begged my mom to let me get a guitar and lessons and stuff. Eventually she did, but she wouldn’t let me get an electric like I so badly craved. I was forced to learn all my favorite Green Day songs on acoustic like a chump, which looking back was actually a good thing. Really helped when I eventually did get an electric. You know what they say, moms know best. Where are you from? I am from Woburn Ma, a city about 20 minutes north of Boston.

Tell us the story behind 'Radio Man'? This new song came from a really interesting place. I was playing around on guitar one day and I came up with the chord progression. Like, right away the word “radio” popped into my head and I kind of cringed a lil cause I thought it would be so whack to use it in the song. Just seemed corny to say “radio” in a song, I don’t know. I kept playing though and I came up with those vocal melodies that sort of drive it, but I couldn’t shake the word radio. So I gave in, and started to make this little story about a radio man, who got to be successful and it all went sour for him. It’s loosely based on the sorts of people I’d look up to when I started pursuing music, and also inspired by the overall multidimensionality of people in general. What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday? Definitely a few ways I’d like to spend a Saturday. It’d be nice to go out to eat, I love chunching. By the way, you heard it here first that chunching is official poolfire terminology for eating. I’ve coined this term myself, and I need to claim it before it takes off, as its already spreading like wildfire. Anyways, I’d like to enjoy a nice chunch at a local restaurant, maybe a cocktail or two however I’m booze free at the moment cause I’m trying to shed off some quarantine boobs. Apart from that, I would usually like playing weekend league in FIFA, however for my own sanity I’ve eased up a bit on that. I love playing, but sometimes it can be too much and I get hyperfocused/overly competitive. It’s like the Pokémon theme song. “I wanna be the very best...”

If you weren’t a musician, what do you think you’d be doing right now? I’d still be an artist in some form. Maybe a filmmaker? Not sure really. To be honest, I don’t even consider myself too much of a musician. Like to me, a “musician” is someone whose skilled at music, whether it’s playing or reading or understanding theory. I don’t necessarily think of myself as being very good at that stuff. The way I create, like many other artists, is just making something special out of what’s in front of you. Like, I know the absolute basics of music theory, but it’s not what I’m focused on, it’s definitely an afterthought. I definitely have utmost respect for musicians, I just can’t sit and learn x,y,z about why this sounds good, all I know is that it DOES sound good. It usually takes longer to come up with something, but when I do it feels so much more valuable and unique. And that’s sort of the difference really, I don’t think it’s limited to music for myself or any artist. I think if you teach one of us the basics of anything, we can make something of it in a way that you’ll understand it’s us. What is one album that changed your life? Oh man. So many albums really shaped me, all so wildly different... I suppose one that stands out was supermodel by foster the people. It came out at a very coming of age time for me (haha see what I did there), towards the end of high school. It became a soundtrack for a lot of weird transitional moments in my life, one I get to listen back to and get sucked into all those feelings and stuff. Plus it’s overall just a dope album so that’s cool too.

What’s up next for you? Next up is putting out a huge discography of the best work I can make! What’s really sweet is that I’ve gotten to meet a lot of amazing people who are down to help me in like, any way they can. They let me fully take the wheel creatively and I’m super grateful for it. Not too long ago I was working at Dunkin Donuts and being absolutely miserable, like failing all my classes which I was so bummed about. My friend Porsh Bet$ came through clutch and introduced me to his homie and producer Kool Kodak, and after that we all started really building together. I’ve never had a ton of support in music like that so it’s unreal and I’m hyped to keep showing y’all what I’ve been up to! Stay tuned!

Stream 'Radio Man' HERE

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